Carterton Sports and Recreation Trust

The Howard Booth Park Sports Trust was registered on 13 May 2013 with the purpose of "planning and building a multipurpose community sporting complex... contain function rooms, meeting rooms, changing facilities and grandstand to provide for the sporting and recreational needs of the community in Carterton District".

The original trustees were:

  • Elane Brazendale
  • John Booth
  • Brian McWilliams
  • Julie NcGhie
  • Paul Fafeita
  • Pobyn Wilson
  • Hilton Parker
  • Phil Keinzley
  • John Keene
  • Howard Stevens

The current trustees are:

  • Steve Hurley, Chairperson, Carterton Rugby Footbal Club
  • Mike Osborne, Deputy Chairperson, Community Representative
  • Russell Keys, Carterton District Council Liaison
  • Robyn Wilson
  • Nelda Day, Netball
  • John Quinn, Athletics
  • Russell Geange, Swimming
  • Howard Stevens, Football
  • Karen Goodall, Squash