Carterton Rugby Football Club

The club was established in 1879 and has about 230 members of which 130 are seniors and 100 junior members.

What activities does your club promote/participate in?  

Visit the website to see what they offer.

What facilities do you currently have?

We own our property (3.4 hectares) and the buildings which include clubrooms, changing facilities, grandstand & clock tower.

How can people join?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Who is on your committee?  

President: Steve Hurley
Secretary: Trish Heming
Treasurer: Gavin Hodder
Club Manager: George Rodger
JAB Coordinator: Neil Rodger
Council of Clubs: Rex Playle
Committee: Garry Smith, Jeff Jones, Kerry McGhie, Dean Cadwallader

Why are you joining into the Hub?

The Carterton rugby football club is currently in great shape financially, administratively and membership wise. We recognise that we can't rely on our past achievements therefore it is important to be continually reviewing our sporting environment. With this in mind we firmly believe that the survival and growth of our club and provincial sport can be best achieved by clubs working together in a sporting hub.