The Concept Plan

What is proposed?

Cover - Proposal for HubCAP - May 2017You can read the proposal that was presented to the Carterton District Council in May 2017 (PDF 800kB).

You can download the proposal as a PowerPoint presentation (PPTX 4MB).






What are the stages and costs of development?

The overall concept will be developed in two stages.

Stage One: Playing field development and initial buildings

Stage Facility     Estimate
Playing Fields, Surrounds & Carparks Grass and drainage $150,000
Fencing $59,500
Demolition, concrete paths, carparks and footpaths $287,850
Total $497,350
Buildings Clubhouse (500 sqm @ $1500/sqm) $750,000
Carpark $180,000
Grandstand relocation (scaffolding $175,000) $325,000
Total $1,080,000
to $1,255,000
  Total Cost Stage One $1,577,350
to $1,752,350

Stage Two: Completion of Indoor Centre, Tennis, Bowls and Commercial

Stage Facility Estimate
Indoor Centre, Courts Indoor Centre $500,000
Tennis courts $250,000
Total Cost Stage Two $750,000

What are the ongoing operational costs?

The Hub takes in Revenue from a number of sources and has a number of ongoing Expenditure items.
Here is the detailed breakdown of  Operating Revenue & Expenditure.

Type Details Estimate
Revenue Subscriptions, signage, sponsorship, leases, hire and grants  $125,000
Expenditure Insurance, overheads, power, rates, leases, cleaning, repairs, security, staff and administration $103,500
  Surplus before depreciation $21,500

How will the development be funded?

Stage One: Playing field development and initial buildings

Type Details Estimate
Funding Clubs and community $250,000
Majr Grant Funding (Lottery) $500,000
Grants and Other $250,000
Total Funding $1,000,000

Council Support

Infrastructure $400,000
In-kind Support $177,350
Total Proposed Carterton District Council Support $577,350

What is the Concept Plan?

The concept plan shows what the HUBCAP could look like. It is not the final plan. The intention is to show that everything can fit and how it might fit and to give people an idea of what is included and what it might look like.

HubCAP - concept plan

Key elements:

  • Use all four streets for entry/exit.
  • Considerable onsite parking.
  • Squash courts remain in place.
  • Rugby runs north/south - preferred orientation.
  • Buildings include clubrooms, gym, office, meeting spaces, changing rooms, storage.
  • Retain the park feel of Howard Booth Park with retention and planting of trees.
  • Placement of children's play area may move


  • The area for lawn bowls has been included in the concept but is not currently part of the proposal
  • The Aqua Centre has been included in the concept but is not currently part of the proposal.

Download a PDF version of the HubCAP concept plan (more detail visible).